Underground services surveys

Underground services surveys

We provide Statutory Undertakers Reports and Full Utility Mapping Surveys to indicate the location and depth of underground services throughout a site. These can be produced as a PDF report document and 2D or 3D CAD drawings

There are 3 grades of service to illustrate the underground services within a specified site:

Firstly, a written report with extracts from statutory undertaker plans (PAS128 – Type D).

Secondly, using the statutory undertaker report and site validation we can overlay the detail onto a topographical survey of the site (PAS128 – Type C).

Finally, Using Electro Magnetic Detection Equipment, Ground Penetrating Radar techniques and lifting manholes / IC covers for visual inspection we can produce a Full Utility Mapping survey. This non-invasive survey marks out and maps the utility services as well as recording the depth (PAS128 – Type B).

Underground Services Surveys are supplied as a written report, 2D or 3D CAD Drawings, PDF or paper prints.

Some examples of Underground services surveys